Lego Nexo Knights – Jestro’s Volcano Lair 70323

The LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Jestro’s Volcano Lair Set 70323 is a gorgeous set. The lair itself is huge and full of surprises and secrets. There are 10 characters included, 8 mini figures and 2 demons, and of course the terrifying Book Of Monsters himself….


It’s a great set, and the completed main model is a really impressive size. It functions not only as a gorgeous shelf model, but as you’d hope from NEXO KNIGHTS, especially with the inclusion of 2 extra vehicles, it makes a truly excellent playset. The model has 1186 pieces and is recommended for builders aged 9-14+, but younger fans will be able to storytell to their heart’s content…


The set has 7 bad guy characters – Jestro, Bookkeeper, Lavaria, 2 Ash Attackers and 2 Scurriers.


Jestro himself sits at the top of the lair on his detachable throne. He’s definitely quite imposing, and the grin is perfect.




To the right of the model his partner-in-crime Lavaria has her weapon-equipped seat. It doesn’t move a lot, but she can swivel to aim and fire at the NEXO KNIGHTS as they attack.


At the front centre is the pool of lava. This spins via a handle on the outside left of the model, and it works really well – the workings are all hidden neatly inside the build. It’s really streamlined mechanics, very smooth.



Above the handle for the spinning lava pool is a pull out handle. This handle drops the ‘bridge’ or what is really more of a pirate’s ‘plank’. Any unwitting knight will fall to their doom in the lava below.


There is a spinning saw blade covering the base of the staircase. This can move side to side pretty far, preventing access to upstairs and the side of the lair, and because of the series of cogs it spins really fast, so is a very impressive defense method!


Jestro’s Volcano Lair is also his home. He has his bedroom in the first floor alongside the kitchen, treasure, and more weapons are stored on the second floor, and the third floor has the bathroom – complete with yellow duck (well, frog!).



The third floor also houses the library, where the spell books are held. The Book of Monsters, Book of Destruction and Book of Revenge. These are amazingly detailed for such fine printing, and a real treasure.



It isn’t all about the bad guys, we have three NEXO KNIGHTS to save the day – Axl, Macy and Lance. I am a big fan of the NEXO KNIGHTS and the mini figures outfits never fail to satisfy. Axl’s huge armour is great, very imposing and larger-than-life.


The NEXO KNIGHTS have a few tricks up their sleeves. The ground floor cell wall can be ‘knocked down’ with the simple flick of a lever.



Hitting the shield on the front of the lair tower causes the entire library wall to fall down, exposing the books so that the NEXO KNIGHTS can go and recapture them. As a nice touch the bookcase rotates – so much easier than trying to fit fingers in to such a small space.


Axl’s Hover Horse is also included. This is a great little vehicle which is well articulated and moves in several ways – including the animal-like extending and raising of the neck and head.


The final inclusion is Macy’s Mace Slammer – a less subtle vehicle, which is a brilliant flying toy as it has a clear handle and can be flown around the room by a younger builder very easily. It also has 2 flick missiles and a ball shooter.


This is a gorgeous set. It’s rewarding to build, beautiful to look at and contains many more interesting features, nooks and crannies than could ever be covered in one post. It makes an amazing playset which almost any child aged around 5+ would be able to (and love to) play with, and it’ll be a showstopper on anyone’s shelf.


LEGO Nexo Knights Jestro’s Volcano Lair Set 70323 is recommended for age 9-14+ and has 1186 pieces. Available to buy now rrp £99.99 – buy from the LEGO shop online and collect VIP points towards free LEGO.

Written by Jenny from TheBrickCastle