Are my lifestyle choices killing me? I check using a fun Death Clock

If you have been following my social media accounts this week you might have seen that I have rejoined Slimming World. It is something I should have done when I got back from our cruise in August but with the rest of the summer holidays and then my busy schedule as I organised Blog On MSI Winter meant that I had lots of excuses to use. However, I have stopped giving excuses and decided to make this change. It seemed like fate when I received an email the very next day with introduced me to the Sunlife Death Clock and made me look at whether my lifestyle choices are taking years off my life.


The Death clock is fun to play with but also shows how a small lifestyle change can make a big difference to your life expectancy. One example that is really relevant to me is the difference between going to bed before midnight instead of afterwards. I hardly ever go to bed before one o’clock in the morning let alone midnight but seeing that this can take 5 years of my life has really made me think. Other changes I could make include listening to nostalgic music, eating fewer takeaways and even surrounding myself with nicer people!

If I wanted to live as long as I possibly could, according to this Death Clock, then I would need to have one drink of alcohol every day, eat 5 portions of fruit and veg every day, exercise a couple of times a week, never smoke or eat a takeaway, listen to nostalgic music every day, have a couple of cups of tea every day, surround myself with lovely happy people, always have pets and never go to bed after midnight. If I do all of that then I could live until I am 108 apparently. Now most of these things are not that hard to adopt but I really don’t have a taste for tea and I am really not sure that gaining a few extra years is worth all of that exercise.

What would you change to increase your life expectancy? Why not use the Death Clock and share your result on twitter? I would love to see what it predicts for you.