Lego Family Blogger – Ninjago and Lego Junior

Well this is the last Lego Family Blogger box of 2014 and I stored it away for after Christmas so they could really have some fun with it. I am loving the variety of Lego that we receive. I thought it would be hard to choose which two sets to keep and review and which ones will go in my charity cupboard but the girls soon chose one each and set to work.

Lego Junior Easy to Build storage brick and lego

I have been eyeing one of these sets up for a while because not only is it fabulous Lego but it also comes in a really sturdy storage box and we are running out of storage space for our Lego.

Elizabeth fell in love with this set straight away as it was for a pony stable and well what little girl doesn’t like ponies. She was able to build this by herself and completed the first book with no help from us grown ups.

Inside the box was four bags of Lego and two booklets. The first was to use bag one and two to create a stable and jumps. The second booklet required you to take apart what you have built and use bits from all four bags to create a lovely outdoor scene.
Here you can see what we built with book one and book two. Ignore the big house on the right as I had a bit of fun with that one.
You see what I really liked about this set was the excess Lego. You could build one of the designs and still have loads of Lego left. In fact you have enough to create your very own Pony mansion (see below). I am quite proud of my creation.
The joy of following instructions and creating something that looks amazing is all well and good but using the Lego to build whatever you imagination can come up with, well that is just superb.

Lego Ninjago X-1 Ninja Charger

For the first time ever we explored the world of Lego Ninjago with this fabulous X-1 Ninja Charger. It was too complicated for the kids to build so I spent an evening putting together the car after Alison had put together the smaller baddies.

Alison loves the X-1 Ninja Charger because of all of its moving parts. From shooting missiles to launching the motorbike out of the front it is the ultimate all action car and it has flames on it too so it is super cool.

The three baddies don’t really stand much chance again the charger really.
We have once again loved receiving out Lego Family Bloggers box and we hope to be a Lego Family Blogger again in 2015.