Cheap airlines and the nightmare of checking in online

I like to be organised, I like to know that things will run as smoothly as I can make them but what I don’t like is to be ripped off.

I fly with budget airlines all the time and our next trip is no exception but our flight is early in the morning and I wanted to speed up the process so I thought I would do the airline a favour and check in online. I mean after all it would save them having to print our boarding passes or have us waiting in the queue in departures and we are only taking hand luggage so we don’t have any bags to check in.

It seems however that in return for doing them a favour and being organised it would cost me an extra £71.99. Yep that is right £8.99 per seat per journey. I mean I couldn’t really careless where we are sat on the plane and if you really want to sit my kids apart from me I would not complain, in fact I would love it if you would do that.

I know it is a budget airline and I am flying the four of us to a foreign country for just over £200 but I really think that it is ridiculous to charge so much for someone who is saving you a job.

I like being organised but I like my money even more.