Lego Duplo: 10510 Ripslingers air race


Nothing makes Alison smile more than Lego and Disney films like Cars and Planes so when you add it all together you get this cheesy grin.

Alison has really enjoyed her first ever proper Lego Duplo set and she enjoys setting it up in lots of different ways. The set is great and as it includes two planes characters is it easy for her to get started with her imagination and start playing.

Ripslinger’s air race includes Ripslinger and El Chupacabre as well as a start line, finish line and the all important trophy as well as a fuel can to keep them all fueled up.

She is able to get it out and set it up by herself with no instructions and seems to really like the independence. This is a great set for young children and I would definitely recommend it for any planes fans. We are already looking at some of the other Planes sets we can get and she loves the look of Skipper’s flight school as it has Dusty, Skipper and Dotty as well as the building set.