Come forth and multiply with PLYT


A board game that helps children with their multiplication can only have been invented by a parent. A game consisting of multiple dice (depending on skill) and chance cards the aim is to improve multiplication whilst moving around the board. The game says from ages four plus but I think that is a bit young based on the rules. My girls can only just add numbers together let alone multiply them and after asking on facebook it seems that I am not alone.

I can see how this game could be good for the older children, practicing multiplying multiple numbers in their heads but I cant quite see the fun element involved.

I was always really good at mathematics but even I struggled when it came to multiplying 6 dice and hubby struggled after 4. I can see the game being used in secondary schools to improve maths skills but I can also see the kids groaning as the teacher pulled it out of the cupboard.  The board itself looks really plain and the colours don’t scream out fun to me.

I really wanted to like this game but will have to just admit that for us, right now it is not suitable. The rules are too complicated, the multiplication is too complicated and the board looks boring. I am sure someone will like it though?