Kinect Nat Geo: America The Wild


Kinect Nat Geo is the second entry to the Kinect TV range following the well received Sesame Street TV.  If you haven’t already played Sesame Street then you are missing out on one of the most immersive experiences for children on the Kinect.  I think this is a really interesting way to utilise the Kinect that is great for getting young children involved and learning about wild life.

Essentially it’s a collection of episodes from the TV show ‘America the Wild’ (probably something you’re not familiar with) but adapted for the Kinect with motion based interaction.  So as you watch the episodes players are given the opportunity to become involved at certain points.  An example of this is when the show’s host is tracking an animal and you will be asked which path he should take, which then requires you the player to apply what you learnt from the episode.  You may also have to do silly things like shout out ‘snap’ to take a photo opportunity or turn into an owl in order to protect your nest.  My favourite had to be turning into a mountain goat and having to perform a head butt motion towards the Kinect in order to fight off other mountain goats.  It was also fantastic sitting in our living and watching the girls become bears or wolves, which I think they enjoyed because it enhanced their imagination play further.

I’s great that Microsoft have created Nat Geo TV and Sesame Street TV for young gamers and I would highly recommend this game to any family.  Also, should your kids start to like the TV show then the game comes with one year’s free pass to watch more episodes on Xbox Live.