Lego Batman Jokerland 76035- the best lego set ever?

Never have we built a Lego set so amazing and so interactive as the Dc Comics Batman Jokerland set.

The set has a recommended retail price of £89.99.

The Joker ride features a clown face with tilting hat, rolling eyes, mouth with podium for The Joker, slide, poison pool chamber and a mirror house. On the back are knobs that you twist to move the eyes and hat making it look really creepy.
Harley Quinn rides the high wire with her bike that has an attachment underneath for the captured Robin. Simply press the sign to launch the bike along the high wire with Robin dangling underneath.
The Batmobile features an opening cockpit, 2 spring-loaded missiles, 2 rear stud shooters, giant batwings and Batman™ emblem logo.
The Poison Ivy ride features 3 seats one containing captured prisoner Starfire. Simply tip back the man-eating plant with snapping jaws and the ride drops. Raise it up again and lower the plant to start the ride again.
The Penguin ride features rear-wheel-operated rotating ride with 3 duck seats, one of which features the Captive Beast Boy.
The set also comes with a clown robot, a small penguin with dynamite and a firing cannon with 3 cannonballs and a dynamite stick.
The set comes with 8 minifigures Joker, Batman, Harley Quinn, Robin, Poison Ivy, Star Fire, Penguin and Beast Boy and each character comes with an accessory.

Out of all the sets we have ever had this is the one that the kids have enjoyed the most. There was so much for them to interact with that it really got their imaginations going.