Storage is an issue in my house

There are certain rooms in my house that really need some love and attention and as it is the summer holidays I have made it my mission to try and sort it out.
The first room on our list is the living room which requires some serious storage inspiration. Thankfully I took a look on the Homify website where they have loads of different product ideas and inspirational articles on how to decorate your home. 

For my project I have taken inspiration from the bookcase below.


Worsley Woodworking/homify

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to get a bookcase like this build for my house but I love the idea of a whole wall of bookcases. After measuring the wall in my living room, I chose three of the Maine Extra Deep bookcases with drawers from Argos which fit perfectly in that space. This should provide us with enough shelf space for all of our books, dvds, computer games and other keepsakes as well as give me some drawers to hide all of our paperwork and other things that need hiding.
Once I get the storage solution installed I can look into other ways to make our living room more organised and comfortable. We need some new soft furnishings like cushions, curtains and a new rug to make it really comfy but I can’t wait to see how it will look when it all comes together and I will keep using the Homify website for more inspiration.