Once Upon a Time Princess Rose Peppa

Princess Rose Peppa was featured a lot at the Christmas in July events I went to over the past month so when I was given the chance to review her I knew I had to give it a go. Now as you know my kids are a bit too old for Peppa Pig at nearly 6 and 7 so I borrowed my friends 2 year old daughter to see what she thought.

Princess Rose Peppa has a gorgeous satin feel princess dress with a tutu and a lovely rose picture on the front. She is 33.5cm tall which is a fantastic size that is perfect for pre-schoolers.

As well as being a super cute, super soft cuddly toy she also sings the classic song “ring-a-ring-a-roses”. Using the contact pads on her hands you have to connect the circuit for the singing to start. If the circuit breaks she starts the song all over again which my little tester thought was hilarious. She only managed to get through the song once before deciding that a remix version was much more fun and the tight smile on her Mum’s face as I said she was more than welcome to take Princess Rose Peppa home with her said it all.

This is one of those toys that your children will absolutely love, as you inwardly groan to the sound of Peppa Pig singing “Ring-a-Ring-a, Ring-a-Ring-a, Ring-a-Ring-a” over and over again to the sound of the delighted squeals of your preschooler.

The most important thing is that those delighted squeals make it all worthwhile and I can see why this is tipped to be one of the top toys for under 5s this Christmas.