Beechdean create healthy Nickelodeon Icecreams


After spending Tuesday at Nickelodeon Land it seemed only fitting that we would spend Wednesday eating Nickelodeon Ice Creams!

Beechdean Farmhouse dairy Ice Cream normally provide amazingly creamy indulgent ice cream that is the sort you wouldn’t share with the kids (or even the Hubby). They have now developed some fantastic Ice Creams aimed at children but yummy enough for adults to enjoy too.

With only 5% fat and no artificial colours or flavours the three Spongebob Ice cream tubs retail at £1 each and have a surprising amount of ice cream in what looks like a small tub. The ice cream is really thick and well packed and one tub is more than enough to satisfy the biggest ice cream monster available. In my case, Alison.

I managed to force myself to try all three, it was a very hard job but one that I wouldn’t mind repeating. I absolutely loved the Vanilla and Strawberry Ice creams although I was not as impressed with the chocolate flavour. It just tasted too healthy and not as chocolatey as I would have liked. It was still yummy though.


It wasn’t just Ice Creams that were available but Lollies too. What made these great was that it was more like a Sorbet. It didn’t lose its flavour once sucked and it wasn’t full of ice crystals.

I really enjoyed the Strawberry one and so did Elizabeth. The orange one was also nice although not a flavour I would normally choose.

We managed to sample all of these at the same time as being treated to a viewing of the new Smurfs 2 movie.

It was a fantastic day out for me and the girls and we loved catching up with blogger friends and having the exclusive screening whilst munching our way through a variety of ice creams, ice lollies, popcorn and chocolate.

I look forward to being able to enjoy these ice creams when the sun decides to show its face again.