Leap TV – making kids move move

We all worry about getting the kids to do more exercise especially those that love gaming and we all know that the wii is great for when they get older and are more able to understand complex games but what about pre-schoolers or those in primary school?

Well Leap TV might very well have the answer to your problem.

Leap TV comes with one controller and camera which allows the games to be played in three different ways. You can see more about this below.

The console can be used to download apps from the Leapfrog app centre or you can buy the games and use a cartridge like the one below. Apps vary in price with them currently going from £7.50 to £25.
The games are played using three different methods. Some games require you to play using the controller bent like a normal game pad, straight like a pointer or with no controller at all and just using your body.
The different games give clear instructions on what to use before each bit starts.

I am going to use the Jake and the Neverland Pirates game to show you the three variations in play.

In this game you use the controller in its straight mode. You have to chop the vines to get through. There is also small number recognition games as you go to gain energy.
In this game you steer Bucky using the controller in game pad mode. You have to avoid obstacles and collect shapes as you go. Although the most fun is had by squirting Captain Hook to make him get out of your way.
This game require you to put down the controller and use your body to clear the smoke which is lots of fun.

All the games have underlying learning that Leapfrog are known for and that kids find fun and not too challenging. The games keep the kids active and both girls have really enjoyed playing the Jake game and the Pixar game that we have been sent. The Pixar game contained characters from Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Monsters Inc. Different games have a different theme which is clearly displayed on the box to help you choose games from the different areas of learning. The Pixar game was all about science and Jake was all about Maths. We are looking forward to trying out other games over the coming year.

I would definitely recommend this system if you wanted to get your younger children active but watch out as these games are one player only so you need to make sure the kids can take turns. You can get additional controllers and two player games which can help combat this situation.