Missing Bingo

I was sorting through my storage chest earlier today getting everything packed for our trip away this weekend and I came across my bingo dabbers and it made me realise how much I have missed going to bingo.
I signed up to become a member of one of the bingo halls last year and enjoyed going along with my mum and sister whenever I went to stay with them but it has been ages since I visited. It has also been ages since I have had the time to play online too which is one of the ways I like to relax. 

I am not a loyal customer to any particular bingo site but instead I like to try different ones depending on the offer they have available which is why best offers bingo is perfect for me. I have now got it bookmarked so whenever I feel like playing I can find out which site I should sign up too. 

I have won lots of times in the past although never anything big but I love the thrill of playing and I can’t wait until I have the chance to play again. Do you enjoy playing bingo? Do you play online or at a bingo hall?