Transformers Prime – Season 2; Darkest Hour on DVD now

The final volume of Transformers Prime Season 2 Darkest Hour, is out now on DVD and digital download. Alison has recently become interested in Transformers and this series is a great introduction to the iconic cartoon.

In this final volume, the Autobots and Decepticons, are locked in a stand-off at the Omega Lock. The Decepticons have the humans’ captive, and Optimus Prime, prepared to do anything to save their allies, hands the famed Omega Keys over to the enemy. When the Decepticons insert the keys into the Omega Lock a new ‘Age of Decepticons’ dawns… however, when the Autobots realize that the Omega Beam will terraform earth and destroy all native life, they have to take desperate action.

This dvd concludes this epic tale and is great for all ages. I have really enjoyed watching Transformers with Alison and reliving my own childhood obsessions.

The only problem now is that Alison wants to have all of the other DVDs to go with this one.