Ladbrokes loves me

Its not often I get sent a box of things that I refuse to share but when Ladbrokes sent me an early Christmas present there was one thing in there that was not leaving my side. Yankee Candles. Oh the smell is divine. Nothing says Christmas to my nose quite like the smell of cinnamon and apple that is why I buy the air freshener in the pound shop all year round. I love it but I love the Yankee Candles box of Christmas Candles even more. As you can see above there was other items in the box and I will be doing some Christmas crafts with Elizabeth tomorrow if she behaves herself but those candles they are mine forever.

I am not even sure if I will burn any of them, they just smell so good. I wish I had smellovision so you can be in the same heavenly space that I am. Mmmmm anyway I must stop drooling and go and hide these away from my candle crazy husband, these are mine I tell you all mine.

These items were an early Christmas present from Ladbrokes, who are celebrating the release of their Christmas games