Nerf NStrike Elite Rampage Blaster


Now this is a scary site, hand any four year old a Nerf gun and I guarantee it won’t be long before they work out how to shoot it and wait for you to bend over to pick something up.

In fact the whole family loves this gun from Grandad who takes great pleasure in shooting his grandkids to Uncle Alex, Daddy and even Mummy (Yes I have a secret love of  all things Nerf)

Having worked in a digital agency nothing says productivity just as much as having a Nerf gun pointed at your head or having your boss occasionally shoot you to get your attention. I was always left with a rubbish one but I think this one would certainly of held its own.

I love the loading facility and the ammo clip is brilliant.

All in all if you wanted a Nerf gun then this is a good one, but then again they all are.

We were given this Nerf gun by hasbro for the purpose of this review