Wappy Dog  for Nintendo DS


Elizabeth really wants a puppy which I wrote about here so when I received the email about Wappy Dog for Nintendo DS I literally squealed, even though I was stood on a street in Manchester in the rain. What better way to give her the puppy she wants without the mess.

More than just a pet simulation game, Wappy Dog from Activision also comes with an interactive toy dog. With two modes in the game including Home mode (which you use with with the interactive dog) and travel mode you really can use it anywhere. You can even take your interactive Wappy dogs heart with you so the play, feeding and care that you give the puppy in travel mode then transfers to your interactive puppy in Home mode.

Your puppy gets older, changes mood, changes personality and increases its bond with you as you play with it and in travel mode there are quite a few things you can do. The menu is quite easy for the children to understand with words and pictures and Elizabeth soon got the hang of how to do it and was even showing me how to teach her some tricks. The Travel mode has more to do than the home mode as you can clean her and change her appearance.

In both modes you can play mini games and feed her as well as much more. Elizabeth loves playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Wappy in home mode and it is great to see this classic game put into something as techinical as this. She also enjoys Fruit catch. There are other games which as you keep playing become unlocked. 

The interactive pet comes with different types of stickers that you can use to decorate her and has glowing eyes. She has different sensors and she doesn’t really like it if you pull her tail. She moves her head and stretches and whines if you dont pay any attention to her but it really is cute and the girls love her.

Home mode is very different to travel mode. Travel mode looks like any other pet simulation game whereas home mode allows you to ask your pet specific questions, get her to do special things and even find out exactly what food she would like to eat. Ours has an affinity with Jelly Rolls which I have to say look fantastic.

This is one game that I was sure I wouldn’t end up playing when the kids went to bed but I was very wrong, I just left this review sat here half finished for nearly an hour as I get, cleaned and played with Wappy. I think it might be a bit addictive.

For ages 3 plus and for less that £30 for the game and the interactive Wappy I would say that this is a fabulous game to buy. I also love the fact it is on the DS and not the 3DS. Children this young shouldn’t be using the 3D aspect of the 3DS and this allows people with older consoles to enjoy Wappy too.

We received the Wappy Dog and game for the purpose of this review