K’NEX Web Weavers Roller Coaster

K’NEX is a brilliant toy for expanding your child’s understanding of engineering and physics. It’s also a great deal of fun to build and play with, and this year they’ve released an awesome set perfect for Halloween – the K’NEX Web Weavers Roller Coaster.

Inside the box you have all of the necessary K’NEX pieces as well as track, backdrop cards, the roller coaster itself and instructions. This is a 439 piece set and it’s massive. It’ll take a few hours to complete and my 9 year old couldn’t manage it alone but 9 is the minimum age recommendation so this is to be expected.

There’s also a USB charger for the included rechargable LiPo Battery. There’s a charge light to let you know when it’s charged, and a full charge lasts a respectably long time.

The roller coaster itself is excellent. 4 rollers on each side hold on to the track well, and it is articulated for better cornering. Powered by an encased rotating blade, it’s ridiculously fast – you struggle to keep your eyes on it.

Building the model will take a minimum 2-3 hours. The instructions are easy to follow and you can see the model take shape, so it’s a rewarding build, although my 9 year old found it repetitive. There are lots of skills to be learned from building with K’NEX, patience is one of them.

K’NEX is brilliant for manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. You do have to follow the instructions precisely or your model will be wonky, and there are several different methods of clipping the pieces together. Your child will learn engineering, physics and maths skills as they build.

K’NEX is less frustrating than some other model-building materials as it’s so stable. Your completed model is very sturdy and can be picked up and moved quite roughly.

Upright the Web Weavers Roller Coaster track is over 2 feet tall. It’s impressive indeed and looks so different from each side that you can barely recognise it as the same track.

It really is astounding how quickly the roller coaster travels and it rocks the entire model. As I said before though, it’s so solidly-built that it barely ever starts to dismantle itself.

You can even lie the Web Weavers roller coaster down and have an entirely different horizontal coaster. It works equally well, and it’s only just before the car runs out of power that it won’t make the climbs.

The special feature of the Web Weavers roller coaster track is obviously that it glows-in-the-dark, and it is very spooky indeed. It doesn’t glow quite as much as I’d hoped, but it’s still impressive.

The K’NEX Web Weavers Roller Coaster is an excellent set for older children and adults who enjoy construction. There are lots of different track ideas online and you can create your own, so for an enthusiast there really is massive potential with this set.

K’NEX Web Weavers Roller Coaster is available now from all good toy shops rrp £69.99, currently £55.99 in Smyths.  Find out more about the whole range on the K’NEX website.