Kinetic Sand – Ice Cream Treats

Alison loves messy moldable things so when I was sent the Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats she was over the moon. My husband hates mess so we usually have a strict no mess policy in our house which means that products such as this and other types of moldable materials are banned from being purchased which is why they always feature on her Christmas and Birthday lists. Seen as we were sent it and didn’t pay for it, I decided it didn’t count.


The Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats set is suitable for ages 3 plus and comes with a bag of sand, a sundae glass, an ice cream cone, a scoop and an ice cream mold.


I really wish that the Kinetic Sand came in a resealable bag but seen as it never dries out this is more because I like to keep it all together neatly. What I do love is that the box becomes part of the playset and the inside is decorated like an ice cream parlour.

Making the kinetic sand ice cream treats using the sets is really easy and we had loads of fun with this. If Ice Cream isn’t your thing then don’t worry because Kinetic Sand is available in a huge range of sets including some fabulous licensed products such as Paw Patrol. Kinetic Sand is easy to mold sand that feels great and molds really well. It holds its shape great and is very tactile. If you do happen to make a bit of a mess with Kinetic Sand it is easy to clean up as it all sticks together so you just need to get a larger piece and dab it on the bits you want to tidy away and it picks it up no problem. This was even true in our rug and on the carpet.

Kinetic Sand is a big hit in our house and I can see it featuring on even more lists in the future.