Making Christmas special is all about the experiences

Yesterday we went shopping after our trip to the zoo and we ended up getting a few bits for Gaming Daddy of Two for Christmas. This prompted me to speak to the girls about what they want for Christmas and apart from their YouTuber kit from Santa they are not really bothered.

You see they love the small things, the stockings full of bits that I find that are perfect for them and the new PJs to wear on Christmas Eve but the main thing they love about Christmas is the family experiences that we have together.

Last year we created the Seaton family Christmas adventure list together and I am looking forward to doing the same this year. We printed the list below and placed it on our fridge to tick off our adventures as we went and it was so much fun.


This year we would love to add a few of extra experiences such as visit the Hogwarts In The Snow event at WB Studio Tours London and go to Lapland UK again. I went to the Hogwarts in the snow press event last year and it was such a magical experience that I wish I had taken the girls so this is something that I really want to do this year.


When it comes to Christmas experiences I don’t think that anywhere could compare to LaplandUK. With huskys, reindeer, ice skating, elves and so much more it was an amazing experience that really helped us to get in the mood for Christmas.


Christmas for us is about spending time together as a family and making memories and this year we will be focusing on that more than ever before. For the girls main present we have booked a trip to Disneyland Paris during the February half term so they will be having even less money spent on them than usual so making every moment special will be even more important.

To help make December extra special I will also be working less which will mean less blog posts on here but it will also mean we will have even more time together which is after all what is important.