Juno – My Baby Elephant

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Juno my baby elephant from Spin Master is a super cute animatronic elephant suitable for ages 5 plus. We were sent Juno for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

Juno my baby Elephont requires 4 x AA batteries which are not included. Juno my baby Elephant comes with a toy mouse and a peanut . She has sensors on her head , Cheeks and trunk as well as a button on her back She detects her accessories using the end of her trunk and
has poseable back legs .

When you first take Juno nome she is shy and she hides behind her ears Pet her checks to encourage her to play. You can also pet her forehead When Juno is happy she will be very silly and giggle, make funny sounds and swing her trunk around.

Juno uses her accessories with her trunk. You can use the peanut to feed and train Juno. If you press the back button when Juno is holding her peanut she and enter training mode. The more you play with her the more tricks she will learn . The instructions teach you how to get Juno to bow, dance, trumpet a fanfare and how to be a helicopter.

When Juno has her mouse she makes sweet responses . If you press her back button when she has her mouse she
will enter games mode The included instructions show you how to play flying mouse , peekaboo, singing and
build a tune.

Juno can also give you a cuddle with her trunk . You can put Juno in cuddle mode by placing her back legs
in the setting position . If you then hold her and pet her head and cheeks, she will use her trunk to give you
a cuddle and a kiss .

When Juno isn’t playing with her mouse or peanut you can also press her back button and she will do a move.
If you press and hold the button she will & dance

If you are worried that if you lose her peanut or mouse then you lose functionality then don’t, the instructions also tell you other ways to enter these settings.

Overall Juno my baby elephant is a super cute loy with lots of features and a sassy attitude that will make children (and grown ups) all in love with her .