BoomTrix Showdown GL60104 Xtreme Trampoline Action for Kids

I first saw Boomtrix Xtreme Trampoline Action at Toy fair in January so when I was offered the chance to review it I jumped at the chance, pun intended.

Boomtrix Xtreme trampoline action is a build yourself trampoline assault course for ballbearings.

Suitable for ages eight-plus Boomtrix showdown includes a Ramp tower with a start button, 6 trampolines, 4 trampoline curves, a booster, a stunt ring, a firework goal, 12 metal ball bearings, instructions and
a sticker sheet.

Now I want to state that the instructions really let this set down and although they told you how to build
the pieces and how to apply the stickers, it didn’t actually give you any further information.

Although this is definitely a trial and error stem toy I would have liked a few examples to get us started but
instead, we had to copy pictures on the box.

We enjoyed Boomtrix but we also found it very frustrating and it would have been good to have a base mat
to line up the different obstacles or something similar.

If your kid loves stem and physics and trial and error then this could be the perfect toy for them this Christmas.