Healthy cooking with the Tower Air Fryer

Air Fryers used to be really expensive and therefore unachievable for most people but thankfully getting an affordable air fryer is now really easy. I was recently sent the Tower Air Fryer which has a timer and temperature dial.

Some people seem to think that air fryers are just for making chips but that is not the case. We have used our Tower Air Fryer for lots of different things including chicken wings, roasted vegetables and chicken tikka. The Tower Air Fryer is 4.3L, it has a removable drawer and basket which is easy to clean.

If you can cook it in the oven and it is dry ingredients then you can cook it in the Tower Air Fryer. Setting a timer and being able to adjust the temperature makes it a convenient way to cook although I was disappointed that when the timer runs out we can’t hear a notification from my living room.

The Tower Air Fryer is a great healthier way to cook food without frying it or adding oil. It adds a great taste to things such as chicken tikka and chicken wings. Use just a small spray of low-calorie oil to crisp potatoes for wedges, chips or roast potatoes.

If you are looking to cut down on your oil intake whilst still cooking delicious and easy meals then take a look at the Tower Air Fryer.