Itchy Feet travel game by Ginger Fox

We love playing games as a family, especially when we are travelling so a travel-sized game about travel just seems perfect. Itchy Feet is a travel game by Ginger Fox where the first player to the centre country wins the game.

To access a country you need to collect the three items on the top of the country card.

The Itchy Feet box contains the following

7 x Passport cards

6 x Actions cards

13 x Country cards

32 x Item cards

31 x extension cards consisting of events, special items, forbidden items, postcards and character cards

To play the game place one country card in front of each player and one country card in the middle. Place the rest of the country cards to one side.

It is recommended that you play without the extension cards to begin with and add them in as you become more adept.

Shuffle all of the item cards and then deal 3 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards in a pile in the middle. Then give each player a passport and an actions card. Place the action cards face up in front of you and keep the passport in your hand with your item cards.

To gain access to a country you must have all three of the items on the card. You need to visit your own country before you visit the country in the middle to win the game.

You can only have a maximum of 7 cards in your hand at a time and you can use the actions on the card shown on your turn to be able to collect the ones you need. You can only perform one action per turn.

The extension cards can be added into the game once you get to grips with it. These add extra fun elements as you play, these cards are added to the items draw pile. You can choose to include all of the extension cards or just some of them. Characters can be randomly assigned or you can choose your own character. Leftover character cards are placed to one side. You can find out more about the extension cards below.

Events – These cards affect all players and must be played as soon as they are drawn.

Special Items – Use as described on the card.

Forbidden Items – You can not travel if you hold a forbidden item. Discard along with one additional item. You cant use these to pay to steal or recycle cards.

Postcards – these offer an alternative chance to win. If you collect 4 postcards you instantly win.

Characters – These each have a unique ability that can be used during the game.

The character cards are lots of fun and look great.


In fact, all of the cards look great. You can even use some of the cards as a normal deck using the numbers and symbols in the corners.

Itchy Feet Travel Game is a fun card game that fits in your pocket and can be played on the go. Suitable for ages 8 plus and for 2 to 6 players.