Top packing tips to save money at Walt Disney World

Spending your next vacation at Walt Disney World shouldn’t cost you a fortune. There are plenty of methods available for you to consider and cut down the expenses that you have to face.

Here is a list of some of packing tips to help you save money during your time at Walt Disney World.

  • Buy pins ahead of time

Pin trading is one of the activities that you may like to do while spending your time in Walt Disney World. You shouldn’t buy pins for pin trading at the Disney World. Instead, I recommend that you purchase Disney pins from eBay or the Disney Character Warehouses and take them along with you. Prices of pins that are available for sale at Disney World are a lot high than those you can purchase online. Do bear in mind that you may end up with some fake pins but if this is for kids it doesn’t really matter as the cast members will trade them anyway.

  • Take reusable water bottles along with you

If you go during the summer months then will have to deal with hot weather conditions and you will need to remain hydrated at all times. This is where you can think about taking reusable water bottles along with you. If you purchase drinks inside the parks, you will be spending a lot of money. You can refill your bottles at the water stations or ask for free iced water from any of the counter service restaurants.

  • Buy Disney toys before you come to the park

If your kids love dressing up then I highly recommend you buy a costume and bring it with you as the prices in the parks can be eye-watering. It is also better if you can purchase Disney toys before you come to the park along with the kids. Visit your local Disney Store or a Disney character warehouse and remove the impulse buy of the parks. If you dont want to purchase any toys in the park I would recommend not looking in the shops as they can be very tempting. I recommend you purchase the toys before you come to the park but give them to the kids while spending your time inside as a surprise whilst waiting in a queue or for the parades/shows to start.

  • Take branded clothing with you

You can now buy Disney clothing for the whole family fairly cheap at supermarkets or Primark which means you don’t need to spend a fortune on a t-shirt inside the parks. Plan your clothes for each day based on who you will see and your character interactions can be enhanced. We found this worked really well with Star Wars and Toy Story Characters when we were wearing branded character clothing.

  • Take your own photos

If you do not have a Memory Maker built into your tickets then getting photos at Walt Disney World can be very expensive. Save the money and pack your own camera. This will provide you with the chance to take your own photos. Cast members and other members of the public are usually happy to help you capture your memories.

Finally, take some prepacked snacks with you in a bag to keep the munchies at bay and your dollars in your wallet as you wander the parks and stand in the queues. It also helps to keep the kids happy which is never a bad thing.