Hotter Shoes – Making 5 days at Disneyland Paris comfortable.

When I get a new pair of shoes I usually hate wearing them. The first few days of breaking them in usually ends up in my feet breaking out in blisters and the last thing I would ever do would be to take them away with me on holiday the day after they arrived as my only pair of shoes. Well that would be true if they were not Hotter Shoes.
Anyone who has seen me in the last year has more than likely seen my lovely purple Mystery boots on my feet however they suffered a slow and painful death when Hubby put one through the washing machine and tumble drier by accident. I spent the next month in my trainers or trying out a variety of substitutions. Eventually Mystery Boots were back in stock and I was sent some lovely Black ones this time.

When they arrived the day before we headed to Disneyland Paris I did not hesitate to put them on and walk out the door to the airport knowing that I had no other shoes with me. Hotter Shoes pride themselves on their comfort concept and until you have put a pair of their shoes on and walked around Disneyland Paris for five days without an aching foot or blister in sight I really don’t think you can appreciate them.

For many many years I have been a cheapskate when it came to my clothes and shoes, always opting for the cheaper alternatives and just suffering. However as the years have gone on I begun to understand that you pay for what you get and sometimes it is worth paying more. Hotter Shoes are definitely worth more and I can not thank them enough for introducing me to the boots that changed my wardrobe and got me out of trainers and jeans without sacrificing the comfort of my feet.