Dear Debenhams Santa

Dear Debenhams Santa,

The Christmas lists this year are longer than ever and the kids seem to want every single toy available so I need your help. Now I am well aware that Santa doesn’t actually exist but you are the next best thing and well you could really help to make this Christmas special and fulfill all of their wildest dreams because believe me they are dreaming if they think they will be getting all of this for Christmas!


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Teksta dalmation puppy, My friend Cayla, Disney Princess Boombox, Monster High Freaky Fusions Recharge Chamber & Frankie Stein Doll, Monster High Classic guitar, Monster High Password Journal, Disney Princess snow globe making set, Monster High Draculaura Costume, 

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Flair Xeno ultra violet, Spiderman Cd player,  Galt robo wind ups, Vtech Mega T-Rex, BM Digital cameraDespicable Me 2 Operation, Transformers Age of Extinction stomp & chomp grimlock, Hexbug Scarab XL, Transformers Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee Figure and LEGO Batman Torch/Nightlight.
You can see now why my bank had better watch out! Please help make their dreams come true and maybe I might start believing in you again.

Kind Regards

A very skint Tired Mummy of Two


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Santa Claus Doesn’t Exist Lyrics



This post is an entry into the Mummy Constant “My Wishlist to Santa at Debenhams” Competition that could see me win £300 to spend at Debenhams. Wish me luck!