Disney on Ice – Passport to Adventure

Wow what a night. The show was fantastic, the staff were really helpful and the seats were perfect for the show.

What made tonight even more special was the smile on one little girls face (well two little girls but its good to see Elizabeth smiling).

What we loved about this show was it was that it took just four of our favourite Disney movies and adapted them to the ice taking with it some of the best musical numbers as well as being able to tell the whole story in a very short time.

With each film introduced by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy they jetted off with you around the world on holiday and set the scenes for the characters to come to life.

Starting of in Africa Simba, Timone and Pumba had great fun prancing around the ice with Nala and Rafiki. With Hakuna matata and the circle of life, as well as, can you feel the love tonight the audience old and new loved the songs as well as the spectacular figure skating and amazing tricks that Simba and Nala were able to pull off.

Quickly followed by The Little Mermaid where Sebastien had as all singing along to under the sea until a big scary blow up Ursula came on to the ice ,which Alison didnt like too much, but the prince saved the day and all was well.

Next up Lilo and Stitch had use swinging our hips in a hula dance and reminding us all that mahalo means family and nobody gets left behind. This had some great costumes and Elizabeth really enjoyed seeing stitch being really funny on the ice.

The part the girls were looking forward to the most did not disappoint, Peter pan and Captain hook took to the ice with a huge boat and lost boys and flying darling children but the thing the girls loved most was the giant tick tock croc who came to gobble up Captain Hook.

Whilst we were there we came across a leaflet for next years show and this is one we will definitely not miss. Its called “Dare to Dream” and it looks as though the Tangled characters including Maximus will all have a part in it along with Cinderella and Tiana. The girls are already asking when we can see that one and we have added the leaflet to our notice board so we cant forget.

If you were umming and ahhing over whether to go along to see Disney on Ice stop wondering and get your self down there, you will not be disappointed as it was a truly amazing experience that we will have to repeat again and again.

I do have some great photos on my camera but I cant find the lead tonight so here is some not so great ones from hubby’s phone in the mean time.