Big Potato Games – Disney Colour Brain

We are big fans of Big Potato games and big fans of Disney so combining the two certainly put Disney colour brain on our radar. Big Potato Games sent us Disney Colour Brain so we can play it and share our thoughts with you.

In the box, you receive a score pad, pencil, 4 sets of coloured cards and the question cards.

Disney Colour Brain is a game suitable for 2 to 4 players or teams (although you can have as many players on a team as you would like. Each team needs to choose a mascot either Mickey, Woody, Olaf or Cinderella.

How to play

Each team takes the “l coloured cards featuring their mascot. You also take one colour capture card per team.

Use the scorecard to keep track of who wins each round. Take it in turns to read out a question card without looking on the back. Each card will tell you how many colours
you are looking for.

Teams choose which cards to place down. The first team to place shouts colour brain and the other teams have 15 Seconds to place down their cards face down. Turn the cards over to see each team’s answers.

How to Score

If you get the answer or part of the answer wrong you score nothing. If a team gets it right they earn a point for every team that gets it wrong. If every team gets it right then no one scores in this round but 1 additional point rolls forward to the next round. This continues until all the points have been won.
If every team get it wrong then no one won and any rollover points are lost. The first team to 10 points wins.

Colour Capture Card

You can only use this card if you are not in the head and only against the team in the lead. You must play it before the next question. The card allows you to take 8 colour cards from the team in the lead for one
round. You can only use this card once.

Overall this game is great fun the whole family and it is amazing how much you miss when watching a Disney show. I mean who really remembers what colour Jiming Crickets hat is?