Hatchimals Pixies

We are big fans of Hatchimals and Hatchimals colleggtibles so we were really intrigued when we were offered Hatchimals Pixies the new addition to the range.

There are four different coloured eggs available which each represents a different region in Hatchtopia: Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise, Wishing Star Waterfall and Glittering Garden. Each of the coloured eggs can contain one of two Hatchimals Pixies with eight to collect in total for series 1.

In the green and yellow egg Wishing Star Waterfall, you can find Wishing Star Whitney or Wishing Star Willow. In the blue egg from Polar Paradise, you can find Polar Penelope or Polar Piper. In the purple egg Crystal Canyon, you can find Crystal Cassie or Crystal Camille. In the pink and yellow egg from Glittering Garden, you can find Glittering Gracie or Glittering Gigi.

I like the fact that this means you can guarantee to at least get four different Pixies by choosing an egg from each region.

Inside each Hatchimals Pixies egg, you will find three mystery accessories, a bed and a 2.5 inch Pixie doll. You hatch the Hatchimals in the same way as with the colleggtibles by warming up the purple heart and then pressing down on it to crack the shell.


Each of the Pixies comes with three accessories that vary per Pixie. These usually include shoes and a headband of some sort. The accessories can be stored in the bottom of the egg and then the Pixie bed can go over the top.

The wings on the back of the Hatchimals Pixies are flexible and soft and full of glitter. They move when you move the pixies and it makes them look like they are fluttering. The 2.5-inch Pixies have poseable heads but rigid bodies. They look great with all of their accessories and make a fantastic display when placed together with their Pixie friends.

We love Hatchimals Pixies, there are just enough of them to be fun and yet not too many that you empty your bank account trying to collect them all. They cost around £7.99 and there will be another series of Pixies coming out towards the end of the year with more characters to collect.