Slimming World – Meal Plan Week Three

When I jumped on the scales at group last night I didn’t really know what to expect. My meal plan went out of the window and the festival had its challenges but if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that we tended to eat away from the festival to make eating sensibly a lot easier. Luckily the food I chose helped me lose 2.5lbs so I am now only half a pound away from my half stone award in just two weeks.

This week has been a real challenge though and it has helped me to see that I can get through anything and having time away from home or celebrating birthdays does not give you an excuse to self-sabotage which is good because I am away from home all of the time.

This week at Slimming World I received the new SP cookbook thanks to purchasing a countdown last week and it has some great recipes in there that I am looking forward to trying. Do you have a favourite Slimming World recipe?

So anyway, on to meal planning for the week ahead. My freezer is looking a bit empty so I just put in a huge meat order with Musclefood which will arrive on Monday so until then I am a little bit restricted. We are in London this weekend visiting family so I need to plan for that as well


Breakfast – Melon

Lunch – Jacket Potato with beans and salad

Dinner – Salt and Pepper Chicken and rice


Breakfast – Omelette

Lunch – Tuna salad wrap

Dinner – Subway Salad on M6


Breakfast – Weetabix

Lunch – Lunch in London

Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese with salad


Breakfast – Weetabix

Lunch – Subway Salad on motorway

Dinner – Chilli and Wedges


Breakfast – Omelette

Lunch – Leftover chilli and microwave rice

Dinner – Gammon in coke with mash


Breakfast –  Scrambled eggs, mushrooms and beans

Lunch – Mango chicken kebabs in WW wrap

Dinner – Meatballs and pasta


Breakfast – Cheese on Toast

Lunch – Stir Fry

Dinner – Steak and jacket potatoes


So there you go, my meal plan for the week. Hopefully, we will stick to it and then next week we will be trying some new evening meals from the recipe books or from Pinch of Nom.