5 Common pregnancy complaints that everyone should know about

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When I became pregnant with my eldest daughter I didn’t really have a clue what to expect. I knew that I might get morning sickness and I would be tired but that was about it. The magazines I bought in those early days spoke of women glowing with pregnancy but what they didn’t do was prepare me for the not so pleasant pregnancy complaints which are actually really common.


Although morning sickness is one of the better known pregnancy complaints, many pregnant women actually suffer from sickness all day and for the unfortunate among us, this sickness continues well past the first trimester. Morning sickness is unlike any other nausea I have ever felt and different remedies work for different people. I found that eating plain toast helped me on my worst days although the revulsion at the idea of eating was hard to get past.

Bleeding gums

I knew that pregnant women received free NHS dental care in the UK but I never really understood why. Unfortunately, I suffered badly with bleeding gums and it took a while before I realised that this was one of the common pregnancy complaints.


Although I knew that heartburn occurred during pregnancy, I never expected it to affect me. During my first pregnancy, I was lucky not to suffer but my second pregnancy was a whole different story. Using Rennie Peppermint tablets really helped me to control my heartburn and you can find out more about controlling heartburn during pregnancy on the Rennie website.

Acne and greasy hair

Some pregnant ladies are said to have luscious long hair and glowing skin, unfortunately, this was not the case with me. My body seemed to ooze oil and I had greasy hair and bad acne for most of my pregnancies. This was one of the pregnancy complaints that irritated me on a daily basis as there was no real solution to it.

Constipation and piles

One of the more unpleasant pregnancy problems that I suffered with was constipation and piles. This was really unexpected. At first, I was a little bit embarrassed by this problem but after discussing this with my midwife I realised how common this is.

However, pregnancy isn’t all about the negatives and although there are quite a few pregnancy related complaints there are also plenty of benefits.

No Periods

Ok so this one might be fairly obvious but for those of you who suffer badly during your menstrual cycle, pregnancy gives you a break for nine months.

Body confidence

Pregnancy for me was the first time in a long time where I didn’t worry about how fat I was or how I looked. Knowing my body was growing a baby made me feel proud of it and the pregnancy boobs certainly helped!

Great hair days

Although I talk above about producing excess oils and making my hair greasy, there were also benefits to my hair. When you are pregnant your hair is less likely to fall out so you end up with thicker hair. This was great for me as my hair is usually really thin.

Giving up the bad stuff

Prior to becoming pregnant with my eldest, I was a smoker and a social drinker. I gave up smoking the day I found out I was pregnant and have not smoked since. This alone has so many health benefits and finding out I was pregnant was exactly the motivation I needed to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Did you suffer from any other pregnancy complaints or benefits that people don’t necessarily talk about?

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  1. I had the worst heartburn when I was pregnant with both of mine, plus cramp in my feet in the middle of the night, swollen legs etc too. All these people who ‘glow’ during pregnancy, I definitely wasn’t one of them ha!

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