Hamsters in a house by Zuru

We are huge fans of the Zuru products so when we heard about the new Hamsters in a house products we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. We were sent two of the Hamsters in a house sets to review.

Hamsters in a house sets

Each of the 9 available hamsters have names and personalities that are detailed in the included leaflet.

The first set we opened was the Styling studio which came with Daisy who believes anything can happen if we work together! The styling studio set comes with a plastic mirror, brush and tiara as well as a cardboard dressing room. Although the cardboard was pretty tough and it had folding flaps I used a small amount of sticky tape to ensure the flaps didnt come undone when the girls were playing with it.

Hamster in a house styling studio

Hamster in a house styling studio

The Styling Studio has a retail price of £7.99 which is the lowest price Hamster in a House set currently available.

The other set we were sent is from the Little House range which retails at £9.99. Our set included Sprinkles who loves magic and thinks that the best magic is believing in yourself. The Little Hamster House came with three track pieces that clip together to make a circuit for Sprinkles to play in.

HAMSTER IN A HOUSE Little hamster house

The set has a set of doors and a flap that can be manually opened and closed.

The hamsters all contain microchip technology that can produce sounds or phrases when they go over a hotspot. I didn’t get to see this in action as it is only a feature of the bigger sets.

The Hamsters have a small on/off switch on the bottom and some brushes that help the hamster move along the tracks or other surfaces.

Hamsters in a house will be available soon and I am sure that these will be a huge hit with kids as both of my girls absolutely love them.

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  1. My 4 year old got the supermarket with Periwinkle & house with Sprinkles from her Auntie (from b&m bargains) for her birthday, she absolutely loves them.We managed to get 2 more hamsters in houses from Argos but can’t seem to find any others from UK sellers – looking for ones with cars & the one like in your article. Do you know any more suppliers?

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