Legoland Windsor – Lego Friends Amusement Park And new Nexo knights 4D film

On Sunday, we headed to the Legoland Windsor Hotel for an event that would allow us to watch the brand new Lego Nexo Knights 4D film and check out the new Lego Friends Amusement Park sets.

We always love events at the Legoland Windsor Hotel as the kids get excited as soon as they see the Dragon above the entrance.

Legoland hotel dragon

The weather was pretty miserable as we headed through the park to the 4D cinema but that didn’t stop the smiles and it meant that we ignored the “you will get wet warnings” before the film as we were already slightly damp. The Lego Nexo Knights 4D film at Legoland Windsor uses a fantastic combination of water, smoke, bubbles, wind and fire to compliment the film and really immerse you in the Nexo Knights world. Everyone came out saying how fantastic it was, even all the grown ups.

Nexo knights character

When we got back to the hotel we were shown to a room that had been set up like an amusement park with crazy mirrors, games, face painting, popcorn, and an ice cream stand. There was also face painters and huge pits of Lego for the kids to play with.

Whilst the kids were happy playing with all of that I hunted down the new Lego sets to have a look at what was on offer. First up was the new Lego friends Amusement Park sets.

Lego friends rollercoaster

The Lego Friends Amusement park roller coaster construction set is the biggest in the amusement park range and includes 4 characters, a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, drop tower, entrance booth, and dining area. It looks amazing and I think it is one of the best Lego Friends sets I have seen so far.

Lego friends space ride

The Lego friends Amusement park range includes a space ride set, a bumper car set, an amusement arcade and a hot dog van set. The rides are moveable and the space ride was fantastic as it was spun around really fast.

lego friends hotdog stand

As well as the Lego Friends Amusement park range there was also a selection of Nexo Knights Lego on display which was actually so popular I wasn’t able to photograph it all as the kids (and some grown-ups) were always playing with it but I did manage to capture some of the vehicles and the awesome looking volcano lair.

Nexo knights vehicles


nexo knights volcano lair

We are really looking forward to getting our hands on some of these new sets and we can’t wait to share them with you.