Guess How Much I love you Floor puzzle and Memory cards

Guess how much I love you is a fabulous series depicting little nut brown hare and Big nut brown hare as they go about their adventures. The graphics are clear and bright and the story is all about love and happiness. This Guess how much i love you floor puzzle completely captures that feeling. With 24 large easy to place puzzle pieces showing a fantastic scene from the popular book/show this puzzle was a pleasure for the girls to build and they have repeated played with it.
Continuing on from the Guess how much I love you floor puzzle is the Guess how much I love you memory card game.  With all the characters in a variety of poses and the illustrations so in keeping with the story these memory cards are a great way of getting the girls to play whilst having fun. They loved matching up the characters and think its hilarious when Gaming Daddy of two kept getting them wrong. These cards have also been used in imagination games as well as to tell stories where we randomly select a card and add a piece to the story based on the picture we chose. A great way to tell a story together as a family.