Call off the search party

Last night Elizabeth and Gaming Daddy of Two were getting ready to go to Old Trafford.

It was Elizabeth’s first ever game of football.

It was a cold breezy night so Gaming Daddy of Two went to get his hat and gloves.

They are stored in a bag next to his bed.

A bag we have not used for a while. Three weeks to be exact.

Three weeks ago today when we lost something so precious to us.

When we lost Cuddly cow.

Three weeks of tears.

Three weeks of searching the whole of Manchester City Centre.

Three weeks of disturbed sleep.

Three weeks of believing my husband when he says he has checked all the bags.
The moral of this story.

If you want something doing properly, do it yourself.

At least the outcome is a positive one and we can now call off the search party as Cuddly Cow is back where he belongs in Alison’s arms.