Roar 4 in 1 puzzle and memory cards

Alison loves a good jigsaw and the Dinosaur ROAR! jigsaws were perfect for her. Nice friendly cartoon dinosaurs, plain backgrounds that don’t distract and easy to put together pieces this set of four jigsaws includes a 12 , 16, 20 and 24 piece jigsaw depicting different dinosaurs. Alison was able to put these together by herself and the only thing she has ever needed help with is separating the pieces into their individual puzzles as they are hard to distinguish when all muddled up in the box.
Next up was the Dinosaur ROAR! memory card game. We love Memory card games and it is a great learning tool that helps with our home schooling. Teaching memory, patterns and problem solving as well as independent play Alison had great fun looking at the different dinosaur pictures on these robust cards and matching them all up.

It was quite hard in places as some of the pictures are similar as the dinosaurs are used more than once in different poses, this added to the fun and meant we could play different games such as matching the dinosaur species as well. Alison has repeatedly got these down from the bookshelf to play with which is a sure sign that she enjoys them.

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