Disney Palace Pets Glitzy Glitter Friends from Character Options – Petit

Disney Princess Palace Pets Glitzy Glitter friends from Character Online see the fabulous Palace Pets toys become super sparkly. We were sent Petit who is Belle’s pony.

Petit came with a removable crown, a glittery skirt, gold hairbrush and a brushable tail. Elizabeth absolutely loves Palace Pets and the new Glitzy glitter range has been a huge hit with her.

Now as a parent you will more than likely be concerned about glitter getting everywhere. Now I have rubbed and handled Petit a lot and have had no glitter come off on my hands. The skirt did have a very small amount of glitter transfer but not a lot which is really impressive considering how sparkly it is.

In the Glitzy Glitter range you can also get Beauty, Pumpkin and Treasure which I have been informed by Elizabeth that she needs these. It sounded like it could be a matter of life and death the way she emphasized the word NEED and to be fair they are pretty cute!