Disney Fairies Sky High Periwinkle


We have yet to watch Disney Fairies Secret of the wings but we have enjoyed all of the previous Disney Fairies films. The girls love Tinkerbell and all of her adventures and automatically recognised Periwinkle as being part of the Disney Fairies range.

Sky High Periwinkle works by inserting Periwinkle into the flower base, pulling the string and watching as she soars up to 10 feet high into the sky just like a real fairy!  Well maybe not like a real fairy because obviously fairies don’t exist (Ssssh don’t tell the girls I said that).

Sky High Periwinkle is really easy for the girls to use and apart from the damage it can cause to ornaments around the house it seems to be really well built. As it is not electronic this can also be used outside as it will not fly too high.

The girls have had great fun using their imagination and making up stories that have required Periwinkle to fly to the rescue from her flower spinner.

A great toy for any Disney Fairies fan.