Cheesecake deliveries!


Sometimes life smiles on you.

Sometimes you get evening Cheesecake deliveries!

Ok so it has happened once, but one can always hope that it will happen again.

When The Manchester Cheesecake company offered to send me some samples of their cheesecakes on twitter I couldn’t respond quick enough and when he arrived with a selection of cheesecakes for me too choose from I was in my element.

Unfortunately for me Hubby was also around and he refused to allow me the hardship of eating them both to myself, such a thoughtful Husband. We chose the chocolate cherry one and a blueberry one but there were so many yummy flavours to choose from that it was really hard to pick which ones we wanted.

The Manchester cheesecake company sell their cheesecakes online with free delivery within 5 miles or £3 delivery between 5 and 10 miles of either of their delivery start points of M16 0FN or SK1 3UQ. They can also be found at a selection of different markets in Manchester thought the month.

The cheesecakes we tasted were very scrummy and neither of them were too sickly which is a good and a bad thing. The sickliness of desserts like this is usually what protects my diet as I can only eat a small amount but I felt able to eat all this and more. With large cheesecakes costing between £8 and £10 depending on flavour I think I am going to have to see just how much I can eat in one sitting without being sick, just for experiments sake of course.