Disney Sofia the first Talking Magical Amulet


If you have a Sofia the first fan in your house you will no doubt recognise the Amulet in this picture.

Sofia’s amulet allows her to talk to animals and also get help from the other princesses when needed. This Sofia the first talking amulet retails at £19.99. It comes with the amulet on a plastic chain, the purple case and 12 cards which have different life lessons on the reverse. When you place the cards inside the Amulet it speaks a different phrase.

For example one card says “Learning to be a princess is easy to do. Just treat others with care in all you say and do.” when inserted into the Amulet it says “A princess always says please and thank you”

The girls love this Amulet but as a parent I am concerned about the quality of the Amulet itself. The cards and case seem very well made but the amulet feels cheap, as does the chain. Although when I tried to break the chain it did resist my attempts it has that shiny plastic feel to it which I think just detracts from the whole thing. One good thing about it is the fact that the on, off switch also has a try me setting which allows the children to listen to the phrases without the cards. This means you can take it on days out without dragging the cards and case with you too.

Even so Elizabeth thinks it is fantastic and as there is not much on the market for Sofia the First just yet I can see it become a popular present this Christmas.