Disney Charades – A perfect family travel game for Disney Fans

We love playing games together as a family and always like to take some games away with us when we travel such as our recent trip to Butlins or when we go on a plane.  Esdevium Games sent us this Disney Charades game at the beginning of the week and the tin is a perfect size to play with at home or when travelling. Although it is suggested that you work in teams so that your team guesses the charade we also found that it could be fun and non competitive to just let everyone have a guess. This means that you can also play with just two of you for a bit of fun.
The tin contains a timer, two dice and two sets of cards. The “I am…” cards and the “…who…” cards. The “I am…” cards show the movie that the character is from at the top to make it easier for people to guess.

To play you look at your cards and role the two dice. The “I am…” cards correspond to the blue dice and you either get a star or a diamond which tells you which character you will be. The “…who…” cards correspond to the red dice where you either have a circle or a square which tells you what action you need to perform.

To make the game easier to begin with we performed the two actions separately for example first we did a charade for the person to guess the character and then we did a charade for the action. This made it easier for the younger players and got them to understand what charades is all about as this was teh first time we had played it.

The next time we play we will try and combine the charades for both the character and the action and see how well the girls do at guessing them.

We loved this game and played through every card and the girls have both got the cards out to play between themselves too which is always a good sign.