Barbie Spy Squad doll 

This week sees the release of the new Barbie DVD – Barbie Spy Squad and we were asked if we would review the new Barbie doll to go along with the film.

The doll is unable to stand by herself and comes with two “spy looks” that involve removing her coat. It was a bit tricky to get it back on afterwards but we soon managed. Both outfits coincide with costumes that Barbie wears in the film Barbie Spy Squad.

The doll has two special features that allows it to do cartwheels and front/back flips. To do this you need to attach the inclided handle in to the gap in Barbies back. This can be done when she has her coat on but I have taken photos without it to make it easier to see. The handle can be positioned on her back or twisted to the side. To make Barbie do her stunts you need to hold the pink handle and then roll the wheels on the bottom along a flat surface. This didn’t work on the rug but worked perfectly on the carpet.
If the handle is at the back of Barbie then she will perform cartwheels. If the handle is at the side of Barbie she performs front or back flips depending on which direction you roll the handle.
The doll retails for around £16.99 and can be found in most toy stores. Elizabeth really likes the doll and thinks that the stunts are really cool and she can’t wait to see the film and find out about all the adventures that Barbie Spy Squad get up to.