Custom Getincased Ipad Air case is a fantastic site that stocks pre-made and custom cases for phones and tablets. Unfortunately it doesnt stock the right case for my Sony Z1 compact so we decided to try the Ipad Air case.

The custom cases are easy to design with the site asking for specific picture sizes which is great. You upload the image and move it around to ensure it fills the whole area. I was able to increase the picture size and get it to cut off bits that I didnt want on there which really did make a difference. The print quality is brilliant and the glossy finish looks great.

Now I will say that this case is a vanity item and not a practical safety case so if you have kids handling your ipad then go for something a bit more protective but if you want a great looking case for your tablet or phone then the Get Incased website is the place to look. The case arrived quickly, looks great and fits really well so it is a thumbs up from me.