Sand Art Play – or the day I made crafts that look good!

Ok you should know by now that I don’t “do” crafts. i mean i will try my best but somewhere between impatience and ineptitude I always seem to fail and that easy looking craft will look like a baby has been sucking on it before feeding it to the dog.

Luckily for me some people create fool proof craft kits!

When the lovely people at Sand Art Play got in touch I was skeptical, coloured sand in my house was either going to cause my husband to go into a complete freak out or I was going to be finding it in different crevices for the rest of the week. Luckily for me neither of these things happened and I wanted to share with you how completely amazed I was at being able to create something that looks pretty epic even if I do say so myself.

Its not often I start with the finished product but I wanted you to get the full effect. Out of the four items above I made two and Elizabeth and Alison made the others. I bet you cant even tell who made what apart from the obvious personality differences between my girls.

To make these amazing pictures we were sent the below items.

The kit in the middle costs £12, the post cards and bookmarks cost £1 each. The kit contained 4 postcard sized pictures, 11 coloured sands and a lifter tool that allows you to peel separate sections of the image of at a time.

Using the kits is really quite simple, lift the area you want to colour, lightly sprinkle with coloured sand and tap the remainer off. I set up a plate or bowl for each coloured sand to prevent them getting mixed and then used the remainder in the bowls to touch up bits that got missed. Using one colour at a time the pictures comes together easily.

I showed the girls how to do it and then continued to use the lifter tool for the girls but allowed them to sprinkled the sand on as they desired.

It really is surprising how little sand each picture used and we only have one postcard and one bookmark yet to make and still have over half of the sands left. I didn’t photograph them all but take it from me they all look amazing. The simple designs lend themselves to striking pictures that would look brilliant in frames and could be given as presents to relatives or displayed proudly in bedrooms.

I know I am happy with my creations and I am proud to say I finally made a craft that didnt make me look like I was in preschool!