So you want to be a blogger?

You know I don’t think a month goes by when someone doesn’t asks me how they can get all the free stuff I get. I mean it is free right. Its not as though staying up till ridiculous hours in the morning typing away or photographing everything, spending hours and hours on hot overcrowded trains or walking for miles and miles around conventions is actually work.

Each parcel through the door, each event invite has to be weighed up and thought about, how much time will it take me to actually review this product or go to this event. Is it worth it? Will it bring value to my family?

Take the typical twenty pound toy. It arrives, I have to photo it, pay for batteries to go inside it, play with it, test all its features, give it to the kids, let the kids test all its features, try and break it, find its good points, its bad points, take photos. Load photos, edit them, write about the product discussing all of the above. Yeah, its not working out to be a good hourly rate here is it? It certainly isn’t free.

Ok so the holidays are a good return of investment but I work hard for those too. Being a blogger isn’t about how much stuff I can get for free, its about enjoying life, writing it down for memories or for others to read and its about being part of an amazing community who support each other through everything.

Attending Britmums Live last week (thanks to my sponsor Sodastream)  I was overwhelmed by how many lovely people I knew. When I got up to read my Keynote I was already heart broken by those who went before me so my emotions did not stand a chance. Standing in front of all of those hundreds of bloggers, snot dripping from my nose, my face drenched in tears it was a wonder that my words still managed to come out. Yes we have been through a lot as a family but from the very first tweet that something was wrong I had support from the amazing community around me.

So you want to be a blogger? Welcome, let me show you how.

A few months back I made this file to share with the help of some blogger friends of mine. Does it sound familiar?