Cool Create JoJo Bow Maker

A few months ago we created a YouTube video of a really complicated JoJo Bow maker that involved twisting a ribbon through lots of poles and tying everything together. It was far too hard for the kids to do by themselves so when I heard about the Cool Create JoJo Bow Maker by Spin Master I was intrigued.

The Cool Create JoJo Bow maker promises that you can easily create your own JoJo bows. It is for ages 6 years plus and it comes with everything you need.

The Cool Create JoJo bow maker comes with everything you need to create 6 single ribbon bows.


In the box, you receive a Cool Create JoJo Bow maker, 2 satin ribbons, 1 Grosgrain Ribbon, 1 Organza Ribbon, 1 Glitter Ribbon, 1 Rainbow Ribbon, 6 bow clasps, 6 hair clips, 1 sheet of sticky gems and 1 sheet of JoJo stickers.

It is easy to create the bows using the 6 steps below.

Step 1 – Insert a bow clasp into the bow maker. Make sure it clicks into place.

Step 2 – Lift the bow strips and place one or two ribbons into the bow maker.

Step 3 – Secure the bow strips and clip into place.

Step 4 – Squeeze the bow tips together until they click to gather the ribbons

Step 5 – Secure the bow clasp

Step 6 – Push the bow tips apart and lift the bow strips to release the Bow.

You can now add the hair clip to the bow and decorate with any of the stickers.

The great thing about these bows is that you can undo the clips and start again which allows you to create lots of different designs. The Cool Create JoJo Bow maker is easy for the kids to use by themselves and creates good looking bows that the kids are proud to wear as they made them.