Air hogs Sonic Rocket

We were sent the new Air Hogs Sonic Rocket which is suitable for ages 8 plus. The Air Hogs Sonic Rocket can fly into the air up to 200 ft (or 60 metres).

In the box, you receive the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket, a charging cable and the parts to create the launch pad. The sonic rocket is ready to go straight out of the box and can launch up to 50 times per charge which is amazing. There is also two pieces of clear tape on the wings which you can use to fix any repairs that need to be made to the wings if the Sonic Rocket has a bad crash.

It is really easy to clip the launch pad together and then the Air Hogs Sonic rocket is placed in the top ready for launch. The Air Hogs Sonic Rocket is only for use outside as it goes too high to be used in the house and can cause damage if used inside.

The Sonic Rocket is easy to charge using the micro USB cable supplied. The charging port is just above the power indicator LED.

To launch the Sonic Rocket you need to disconnect the cable and take it outside. Place the sonic rocket on the launch pad and press the power button. The Sonic Rocket will perform a rotating countdown before launching into the air. This really is a sight to watch as it goes so high that you almost lose sight of it.

There are three different power modes on the Sonic Rocket, press the button once for Backyard mode with a max 15m launch, press twice for Park mode for a 30m launch and three times for Orbit mode with a max 60m launch.

This is best done on a calm day as the Sonic Rocket is very light so if there is any wind it can cause the Sonic Rocket to blow away. I would also recommend that this is done in the middle of a large field with no trees as I can imagine that the Sonic Rocket can get stuck in the trees.

We loved playing with the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket and it certainly delivers on its promised height and as it is made from crash resistant material you can keep playing with it again and again.