Top tips for getting kids interested in fishing

Getting kids involved with fishing and even more, convincing them to engage in the activity and learn to love it can be particularly challenging. All fathers know that it might be easier to kids who love spending time outdoors, be they, girls or boys. But for those children who are introverts and appreciate spending their spare time indoors rather than in the middle of nature, it can be complicated convincing them to learn the basics of angling.

In today’s article, we’ll showcase several tips and tricks that you can use to get kids interested in fishing. Check them out below! You might learn something new or just find out a method you haven’t tried before.

Keep it as simple as possible

It goes without saying that it all depends on the age of the kid. Toddlers can’t learn to fish as quickly as teenagers, and that’s also because their tiny little hands have fewer abilities to hold stuff like the bait, a real rod, or worst of all, a slimy fish. But there are things you can do when it comes to fishing even with little children. For example, you can get them so-called fishing kits that are more like toys rather than the real thing.

Besides, one thing that we have to make clear is that you should always start with something easy. Fishing for steelhead can be a challenge even for an adult, so why don’t you start out by teaching your kid how to fish bluegills, instead?


The amount of time

Fishers can get lost in their favourite pastime and can end up spending a whole day on the boat or the shore. After all, it’s understandable, given that they love angling so much. But that doesn’t happen with kids, or it does but very seldom. Children tend to get bored far more easily than adults. On top of that, you need to provide them with things like snacks and plenty of water to ensure that their health and safety are always on par. We suggest fishing for about two hours tops — anything more than that can get boring.

Sunglasses and sun protection

Even if the kid does want to learn more about fishing, he or she might find it difficult to do so if the sun’s up in the sky and there’s nothing shielding him or her. Besides, the little ones can get sunburns just like adults, and the difference is that their skin is far more sensitive. Get a good pair of polarized sunglasses not only because they are the best when it comes to protecting the little one’s eyes, but also because they reduce the amount of glare on the water. Don’t forget the sunscreen at home!

Get them interested in your own hobbies

It wouldn’t hurt for you to get a magazine subscription because this way, the kid will at least see what you’re reading. You can find a list of the top fishing magazines that are most popular in a lot of places, whether online or even in some other mags. You are setting an example for the child, so unless he or she sees that you’re interested in fishing even in your spare time, it’s pretty likely that angling won’t become his or her life’s passion.