Cool Create 2-in-1 Sticker Magic

Alison is sticker mad and always wants to create her own. Unfortunately this has not been possible in the past although we have used sticky tape to attach them to various places. We were sent the Cool Create 2-in-1 sticker machine that helps you create your own stickers or laminate your small pictures.

To change between sticker making and laminating is easy enough with just the white rolls needing swapping. The 2-in-1 Sticker Magic machine is easy for kids to use but I would recommend a grown up does this bit just to ensure that the papers line up correctly.

The 2-in-1 Sticker Magic machine comes with two sheets of pictures. One sheet is suitable for making stickers and the other contaisn a variety of business card type pictures to laminate. Once you have cut out your design (using the kids scissors provided) you place them face down on the sticky tape and turn the handle clockwise. This then attaches the white roll to the image and this will come out the back. Cut your picture from the roll and trim.

If you made a sticker you can peel the backing off and stick it down on your chosen surface, if you laminated your design you can trim and then show it to all of your friends.

The Cool Create 2-in-1 Sticker Magic is suitable for ages 5 plus and does not require any batteries which is always a bonus.
It comes with 1 paper roll (10m), 1 sticker paper roll (6m) and 1 clear tape roll (20m) plus the two design sheets and a pair of child sized scissors.You can also buy refills for the sticky tape and the two white rolls by clicking here “Flair Sticket Magic Refills”